Sphere of activity


1. Material science, technology and production of pipes and cylinders for responsible purposes.

1.1. The right to carry out high-risk works in the field of boiler equipment, pressure 
vessels, chemical,the refining industry, gas and oil pipelines, hazardous chemical pipelines
substances, steam and hot water. Resolution of the State Committee on Energy Statistics
of Ukraine №1220.07.30-74.30.0
1.2. Specialized material organization in the direction of production of rolled metal
products (pipes, wire, high-quality and sheet metal, pipe billet),
used as a semi-finished product at
manufacturing of parts and components in NPP structures. Order of the Ministry of Industry
 of Ukraine dated 10.06.1997, № 104-p (supplemented the annex to the order dated
 11.05.1993, №89
"On specializations of research and design institutes of metallurgy" in accordance with 
the provision on the specialized material science organization. "

1.3. The main specialized organization at Gospromnadzor for metal science, technology,
control of boiler pipes, steam pipelines and hot water.According to the Rules for the
Construction and Safe Operation of Steam and Hot Water Pipelines.

1.4. Designing, metal science, manufacturing, welding, strength calculation, quality
control of high pressure gas cylinders.The Main Organization of the State Inspectorate
of Ukraine in accordance with the Rules for the Structure and Safe Operation of
Pressure Vessels DNAOP 0.00-1.07-94

2. Standardization

The main organization of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine for standardization
(GOS 18).
NDTI is the head of the technical committees of standardization:
• MTK-7 Interstate Technical Committee Steel Pipes and Tubes; TK-8 "Steel pipes and balloons";
• TC-81 "Standardization of methods of control of mechanical, metallographic and
corrosion properties of metal products";
3. Metrology
The main organization of the metrological service of the Ministry of Industrial Policy 
of Ukraine in the field of activity: pipes, cylinders, metal products, workpieces for
 the production of pipes, cylinders and other metal products.

4. Product testing

The Scientific and Engineering Center for Testing Tubes, Balloons,
other products and materials. Атестат 2T111-від-12.10.2017-4

Directions of work:

- Technologies of production and processing of pipe billets, pipes, cylinders,
elements of pipelines (bends, branches) and other types of metal products;

- Materials science of pipes and other products of special purpose from carbon, low-alloy, 
high-alloy corrosion-resistant steels, alloys of titanium, zirconium, copper, etc .;

- Development of new resource-saving technologies and development of new materials of
 high operational reliability for nuclear, thermal power, oil and gas and chemical industry, 
 mechanical engineering, aerospace complex, etc .;

- Production of experimental samples;

- Investigation of batches of pipes, wires, capillaries, bars, etc .;

- Integrated product quality assurance;

- Certification and arbitration tests, comprehensive studies of metal products, scientific and
technical audit;

- Evaluation of equipment and technologies;

- Standardization and creation of normative documents of national and interstate level 
(development of TI, DSTU, GOST, TU, TUU, SOU, etc., harmonization with EN, ISO, etc.);

- Development of technical and technological tasks, reconstruction projects, etc .;

- Technological support for the production of pipes and other metal products for the fuel
and energy complex;

- Certification of testing laboratories and technologies.