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Scientific-engineering testing of pipes, cylinders, other products and materials (SIC)

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 Product testing
The Scientific and Engineering Center for Testing Tubes, Cylinders, and Other Operates at
 the State Enterprise "NITI"products and materials ”(NIC GP“ NITI ”), accredited by 
the National Accreditation Agency Of Ukraine for compliance with the requirements of
 DSTU ISO / IEC 17025: 2006 "General requirements for competence of testing and calibration
 laboratories. "Атестат 2T111-від-12.10.2017-4

Main features:

- certification and control tests of products in accordance with the field of activity
and issues test reports;

- studies to determine the causes of product nonconformity and / or decline
performance characteristics of products and issues conclusions;

- participation on the instructions of certification bodies in the verification of 
production certified products.

- participation on the proposal of certification bodies in carrying out technical supervision
of production of certified products.

The scope of activities of the SIC
 billet pipe and forgings;

 pipes seamless steel and welded, seamless cut;
 cast-iron pressure pipes and fittings therefor;
 cylinders steel seamless and welded;

 rolling stock and sheet, steel profiles;

 rails, wheels, components of railway vehicles and equipment;

 wire steel and powder, electrodes, welded joints;

 industrial hardware;

 hire of non-ferrous metals and ingots;

 pipes and films made of polyethylene and welded joints thereto

 polymeric, composite, rubber, leather, etc. materials

The main directions of testing
 Mechanical and technological tests

 - mechanical tensile properties (tensile strength, yield strength, relative elongation 
 and relative narrowing)
 - conditional elastic limit
 - durability test with determination of time to destruction of specimens at specified test
 temperatures and stresses 
 - creep test
 - Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell hardness
 - shock bend
 - Bending
 - inflection
 - flattening
 - handing out
 - Dashboard
 - reeling
 - twisting
 - test load test
 - tear on the sloping washer
 - sediment of metal
 - tendency to mechanical aging
 - surface quality
 - surface roughness
 - quality control of the cut (pitch cut, profile height, profile angle, taper, tension)
 - control of surface roughness of the cut
 - geometric dimensions of pipes (diameter, wall thickness, length, curvature, ovality)
 - geometric dimensions of other hardware
 Spectral chemical analysis of steel and alloys:
 determination of iron, tungsten, vanadium, niobium, boron, arsenic, carbon, manganese,
 silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, chromium, nickel, copper, molybdenum, titanium, aluminum,
 cobalt, zirconium, zinc, tin, lead, antimony.
Metallographic control:
- macrostructure
- microstructure
- grain size
- non-metallic inclusions
- ferrite phase content
- striping
- is the depth of the carbonless layer
- control of the thickness of the zinc and polymer coating
- hard workability

Test for corrosion resistance:

- control of resistance to intergranular corrosion
- control of resistance to pitting corrosion

Non-destructive product quality control:
 - ultrasound control
 - capillary flaw detection
 - hydraulic and pneumatic product testing.

Quality control of cylinders:

 - testing of cylinders by hydraulic pressure for strength and ultimate strength
 - pneumatic testing of cylinders
 - geometric dimensions
 - surface quality
 - control of volume and weight of cylinders
 - control of neck incision
 - mechanical testing of cylinders.

Contacts: welcome
Head of NIC - Kolenkova Oksana Anatolievna
(056) 372-05-01, (067) 893 59 30
Quality Manager - Natalia Yaroshenko
(067) 140 37 46
Address: Dnipro, ul. Pisarzhevskogo, 1a, 49000
E-mail: nicniti2017@gmail.com, nicniti@i.ua